Who We Are

Sanctuary SOS was founded in 2016 by myself and my wife. We both love animals and have travelled the world taking in the wonders of wildlife and nature. A short stint volunteering at Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital meant we could be hands on with helping the recovery of injured wildlife, this grew our love for animals… Read More

Why Keep Cats Secure?

As we all know, cats are famous for their inquisitive nature. There is even a famous saying which remarks on the dangers that their curiosity poses to themselves. So what are we to do for the best? Well, there are two main options. Keep your cats indoors solely or also allow them the pleasures of the great… Read More

Why Use Dog Fencing?

The British people are dog lovers. There is no other way to say it. We are a nation of around 65 million people and have a dog population of around 8.3 million! There is no doubt that dogs bring absolute joy to us and enrich our lives. They of course occasionally test our patience with the… Read More