Cat Fencing

Our cat proof fencing can offer tremendous enhancement to the lives of your cats. They are also invaluable to us. There are many reasons why cat proofing your garden is a great idea. For example, it may:

  • ☑ Increase your cat’s quality of life
  • ☑ Increase your cat’s life expectancy
  • ☑ Prevent fights with neighbouring cats
  • ☑ Eliminate the risk of road accidents
  • ☑ Prevent feline diseases such as FIV
  • ☑ Reduce vet bills
  • ☑ Offer peace of mind for owners

Using our cat fences to allow your cats free run of their garden can offer an increase in quality of life. Sanctuary cats enjoy the same health benefits as house cats with the addition of exposure to the life enhancing, exciting and playful experiences that the outside world offers.

Sanctuary SOS cat proof fences are premium cat containment systems thanks to the following features:

  • Extremely strong, unobtrusive materials are used to ensure long service life even when containing larger cat breeds such as Norwegian Forest Cats or Maine Coons.
  • Sanctuary SOS systems have a consistent overhang throughout – traditional systems have a reduced overhang on all outside corner sections which create escape opportunities.
  • High tensile polypropylene mesh to allow the greatest strength and lowest visual impact.
  • High quality British made brackets finished in anthracite grey powder coating.

Sanctuary SOS Ltd provides world-class pet containment systems that are available for both domestic and commercial applications. They can be fitted to almost any area, and are manufactured from the very highest quality materials.

All installations are priced individually as no two jobs are the same. We offer free quotations, please use our contact form to request a quote.