Cat Barriers Mounted to the Fence

Our fence mounted cat barriers are designed to be easily fixed to existing fences or walls. They can be fitted to almost any surface, including concrete, wood and brick.

The overall appearance of the cat fencing system is discreet. It is also lightweight and strong.

Sanctuary SOS cat proof systems have a success rate in excess of 99%.

Ccat fencing for garden including shed barrier and beautiful cat

Cat fencing is comprised of 2 main components:

  1. Cat Fence Bracket – Sanctuary SOS brackets have been carefully designed to offer the highest success rate in containing agile cat breeds. They are made from laser cut steel and finished with anthracite grey powder coating.
  2. Cat Mesh – A fine, yet extremely strong, high tensile polypropylene cat mesh is used for the upper section to allow for the lowest visual impact whilst maintaining the greatest strength.

The steep angled section of the cat fence system helps to elevate the cat mesh so that it is kept up and out of the way of your eyes. It also creates a very difficult to climb area to slow down climbing cats. Any cats that have the ability to get as far as this angled section are usually stopped in their tracks as they get to the elongated horizontal section of the system.

All installations are priced individually as no two jobs are the same. We offer free quotations, please use our contact form to request a quote.