There are many reasons to consider containing our dogs within a given area. Here at Sanctuary SOS, we offer a variety of solutions to allow your dogs the greatest quality of life whilst allowing you the greatest peace of mind that they are safe and contained to their own garden.

With recent changes in the law regarding dog ownership, escaping dogs have not only become a moment of terror due to the possibility of losing our beloved pet but also a potential legal battle which may carry serious penalty.

Long gone are the days where dangerous dog breed owners were the only ones at risk of prosecution if their dog hurt someone. Now that extends to all breeds and the onus falls on to us as dog owners to ensure that our canine family stays safe and in our sight.

There are a number of points to consider when choosing which type of dog containment will be best suited:

  • Breed – Do you have an agile breed, a high jumper or a bull type dog who can chew through just about anything?
  • Space – Does your dog require the whole garden to play in or a small section?
  • Speed – Does your dog move like lightning when gates are open? Perhaps an ‘airlock’ gate system is required
  • Budget – fitting to the right budget is always important

If you have any questions regarding dog containment, please get in touch.