Sanctuary SOS freestanding dog fence systems are available in 3 main types:

  1. SK9a – Medium Height, Strong Mesh
  2. SK9b – Full Height, Strong Mesh
  3. SK9c – Full Height, Strong Mesh, Overhanging Barrier

Type SK9a is a 1 metre high, steel post and mesh dog fence which can easily be installed to almost any area to keep dogs contained to a specific area. This offers excellent value and is suitable for small to medium size dogs.

Type SK9b is a 1.8 metre high steel post and mesh dog fence which offers exceptional security for larger dogs without the need for expensive, obtrusive fences. This type of dog fencing is popular with dog breeders and owners of larger, strong dog breeds.

Type SK9c is the same as SK9b with the addition of a Sanctuary SOS overhanging dog proof barrier mounted to the top of the dog fence system. This system is suitable for larger dog breeds as well as the most agile dogs, including Greyhounds, German Shepherds and Huskies.

All of the above fences are made from pre-galvanised steel and are designed to take the strains expected from containing dogs.

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