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Cat Fencing – Freestanding

Sanctuary SOS freestanding cat fencing is specifically designed to keep your curious cat within the boundaries of your property. Unlike traditional fences, cat fences feature a unique overhang that prevents cats from climbing over. The overhang is made of durable, weather-resistant materials that are gentle on your cat but strong enough to withstand the elements. Our fences can be installed as standalone units, providing flexibility for any outdoor space.

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Cat proof fences

Freestanding Cat Fencing is Ideal Where No Fencing is Currently Present or Where You Wish to Section Off Part of a Garden.

The versatility of our freestanding cat fencing means that it can be fitted on almost any terrain. The overall appearance of the cat fencing system is discreet. It is also lightweight and strong.

The steep angled section of the cat fence system helps to elevate the cat mesh so that it is kept up and out of the way of your eyes. It also creates a very difficult-to-climb area to slow down climbing cats. Any cats that can get as far as this angled section are usually stopped in their tracks as they get to the elongated horizontal section of the system.

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Freestanding Cat Fencing is Comprised of 4 Main Components

Cat Fence Bracket: Sanctuary SOS brackets have been carefully designed to offer the highest success rate in containing agile cat breeds. They are made from laser-cut steel and finished with anthracite grey powder coating.

Post Assembly: Sanctuary SOS posts ensure that your cat enclosure remains stable and secure, giving you peace of mind. Installation flexibility with ground spike for soft ground, bolt-down anchor for hardstanding. Our posts are available in metal or timber.

Steele Mesh (Lower): Sanctuary SOS black PVC coated, aperture-glavanised weld mesh is specifically designed to provide robust protection against escapes without compromising the visual appeal of your outdoor space.

Cat Mesh (Upper): Sanctuary SOS high tensile polypropylene cat mesh is fine, yet extremely strong and is used for the upper section to allow for the lowest visual impact whilst maintaining the greatest strength.

Sanctuary SOS Freestanding Cat Fencing has a Success Rate in Excess of 99%.

Freestanding Cat Fencing Features

Cat fencing by Sanctuary SOS offers excellent cat containment whilst keeping the visual impact to a minimum. The upper section of our freestanding cat fences uses high tensile polypropylene mesh which is extremely strong and becomes difficult to see even from just a few metres away.

Advanced Bracket Design: The innovative overhang is capable of containing even the most agile cats.
Durable Materials: Made from high-quality, weather-resistant materials, our fences are built to last.
Customizable Options: Choose from a variety of heights, lengths, and designs to suit your space.
Easy Installation: Our fences are designed for quick and easy installation, whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or prefer professional help.
Based in the UK: Our cat fences are designed and manufactured in England, Great Britain
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Grant has just installed a cat containment fence for us all on his own! Very impressive. He was so helpful and friendly. Ours is not the easiest of gardens, with sheds, a summer house, and a greenhouse, but Grant spent time and managed to work around the awkwardness of the garden. I can’t thank him enough. My fur babies have now had their second day out, and so far, so good! I am looking forward to not having to worry about where my cats are anymore. I highly recommend Sanctuary SOS!

Kim L.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Freestanding Cat Fencing

How do I know what size fence I need?

Our specialists can help you determine the ideal size based on your outdoor space. Contact us for a consultation.

Can a freestanding cat fence be installed anywhere in my garden?

Our freestanding cat fences are ideal where no fencing is currently present or where you wish to section off part of a garden. The versatility of our freestanding cat fencing means that it can be fitted on almost any terrain.

Is the cat fence safe for all cat breeds?

Absolutely. Our fences are designed to be safe for cats of all sizes and breeds.

How long does installation take?

Installation time varies depending on the size of the area, but most installations can be completed within a day.

What maintenance is required for the cat fence?

Minimal maintenance is required. We recommend checking the fence periodically for any signs of wear and ensuring that the overhang remains secure.

Can I install the fence myself?

We highly recommend using Sanctuary SOS experienced experts to design and install your cattery. We do have options available for DIY installation and can provide support.

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At Sanctuary SOS, we are committed to providing safe, secure, and enjoyable outdoor spaces for your beloved cats. Contact us today to learn more about our cat fence barriers and how we can help.

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