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Custom Cattery Design, Manufacture, and Installation

Sanctuary SOS Ltd, your trusted partner in designing, manufacturing, and installing secure and comfortable catteries for a variety of uses. Whether you run a rescue charity, a boarding cattery, or need a home cattery, we have the expertise to provide you with the perfect solution. We offer a range of pre-designed options or can work with you to create a bespoke cattery tailored to your specific needs.

Cattery by Sanctuary SOS

How Catteries Work

At Sanctuary SOS Ltd, we understand the unique requirements of different cattery environments. Our catteries feature fully insulated bedrooms within an insulated building, ensuring a comfortable and energy-efficient space for the resident cats. The insulation helps keep heating costs down while providing a warm and cozy environment, making it ideal for any weather conditions. Our catteries are very high quality and built with longevity in mind.

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Sanctuary SOS catteries are very high quality and built with longevity in mind.

Cattery Features

Fully Insultated Bedrooms: Each cattery includes insulated bedrooms within an insulated building, ensuring comfort and energy efficiency.

Durable High Quality Construction: Crafted from high-quality, weather-resistant materials, our catteries are designed for long-term use.

Customizable Options: We offer a range of designs or can create a bespoke solution tailored to your specific requirements.

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Cattery - Sanctuary SOS

Grant and his team have created an a fantastic safe haven for my cats.He listens to what you want and the attention to detail is amazing. They are so reliable and the quality of work is second to none. I have every confidence in recommending them I can not praise them enough.

Jackie T.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what type of cattery design is best for my needs?

Our specialists can assess your requirements and recommend the best cattery design. Contact us for a consultation.

Can the cattery be customized for different uses?

Yes, we can tailor our cattery designs to fit various uses, including rescue charities, boarding catteries, and home catteries.

Is the cattery safe for all cat breeds?

Absolutely. Our catteries are designed to be safe and comfortable for cats of all sizes and breeds.

How long does installation take?

Installation time varies depending on the size and complexity of the cattery, but most installations can be completed within a few days.

What maintenance is required for catteries?

Minimal maintenance is required. We recommend periodic checks to ensure the insulation and materials remain in good condition.

Can I install the cattery myself?

We highly recommend using Sanctuary SOS experienced experts to design and install your cattery. We do have options available for DIY installation and can provide support.

Have Further Questions?

At Sanctuary SOS Ltd, we are committed to providing secure, durable, and comfortable cattery solutions tailored to your specific needs. Contact us today to learn more about our designs and how we can help you create the perfect environment for the cats in your care.

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