We had Grant and Adam install cat proof fencing around our garden last week. I’m a pretty thorough shopper and we reviewed and spoke at length with 3 different companies and I have to say that right from the start, Sanctuary SOS were on top. Grant took a lot of time to visit us, talk through options, draw up plans, coach us through the conversations and challenges from difficult neighbours, and the real effort and commitment was evident in the installation. Grant was upfront and honest about our options, not looking for the “quick deal” that we experienced with others. There were no shortcuts taken and we are over the moon!

I had no idea how stressed we were when our cats went out previously, until now when we can simply have peace of mind, and two VERY happy cats!

Wholeheartedly recommend. Just do it if you’re thinking about it πŸ™‚ wish we did it ages ago!