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Why Keep Cats Secure?

So, if you have a healthy, curious cat who wants to go and explore the great outdoors, why not, right? Well, there are many reasons why this may not be a good idea.

As we all know, cats are famous for their inquisitive nature. There is even a famous saying which remarks on the dangers that their curiosity poses to themselves. So what are we to do for the best? Well, there are two main options. Keep your cats indoors solely or also allow them the pleasures of the great outdoors.

According to the RSPCA, whilst keeping your cat indoors has the benefit of keeping them away from busy roads, it may also lead to boredom, stress, and obesity.

For example, if you have a cat with high energy levels or one that has previously been allowed outside but you suddenly try to keep them indoors, they may become restless, depressed, and find it difficult to adapt.

Many are of the opinion that cats are wild creatures and should be allowed to roam free, I had previously been of the same opinion until I looked into the facts. Cats as we know them today are far from the wild creatures we perceive them to be. They have been bred and cross-bred over the years and have found comfort in domestication for thousands of years. Most breeds in existence today have never even existed in the wild, they are the result of our selective breeding. Even those older species and those with a natural wild instinct are little equipped for a day in the modern world.

In the UK alone, it is estimated that around 250,000 cats are killed on the road each year and trauma is noted as the number one killer of cats. Sanctuary SOS Secure Outdoor Spaces offer a solution to these problems.

One obvious risk as mentioned already is the fact that we have over 35 million cars hurtling around the roads of our tiny island at great speed. Another modern risk is poisoning, we have many chemicals, foods, and plants that can and will kill our beloved pets. There are also many diseases present today that can have lasting or even fatal effects on our cats.

It’s not just the dangers to our cats that are an issue. As pet owners, we are naturally animal lovers and that extends to all creatures, great and small. Domesticated cats kill over 275 million native animals each year in the UK alone!

Cat Playing in Garden

There are so many risks when allowing our pets an outdoor lifestyle but here at Sanctuary SOS, we offer Secure Outdoor Spaces for your cats so they can enjoy all the pleasures of being out and about, without all the risks. They can run around chasing shadows, enjoying the sunshine or even the rain. They can feel the grass under their feet and the fresh air in their lungs. They get to hear the calls of all of the native animals without having the unrestricted access to chase and kill them. They are safe from the harm of pet theft, safe from all of those chemicals which can poison them on their travels.

You can ensure they have a cat-friendly garden so that they can enjoy creeping amongst the foliage without the risk of becoming ill or worse. They can lie with you (on the book you are trying to read) in the summer and help(?) you get the washing in when it rains. They will be active and get plenty of exercise to keep them fit.

All in all, if you provide them with their very own Sanctuary, they will very likely be happier, healthier, and safer. Purrr…

Cat proof garden - Sanctuary SOS

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